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Trick Tips
The Manual                                        

1. Go as fast as you can toword the obstacle that your going to do the manual on.

2. Adjust yuor feet the way you want. I like my front foot in the middle of the board and my back foot on the very tip of the board.

3. Ollie up, and land on the back wheels.

4. Once you're up there, rest the majority of your weight on your back foot; this will help you get more balance.

5. Ride it out, then drop off.

Fakie Ollie

1. Push with a fair amount of speed up to the gap. Move your lead foot to the "sweet spot" of your nose or tail. Your back foot should be in the middle of your board, when you pop, drag your back foot up, and level your board out with your lead foot (just like a regular ollie, but different).

Pop Shuv-it

Big Spin

1. Push, push, push. Always push first.

2. Place the ball of your back foot on the tail as if you're going to do a pop shove-it., and locate your front foot in the center of the deck, toes pointing only slightly toward the nose.

3. You're simply going to do a backside 180 and 360 shove-it simultaneously. So, begin your backside 180 ollie by smacking the tail, but instead of letting the natural 180 action occur, kick vigorously back with your back foot. Send the board spinning, but be careful not to make the common mistake of doing a 360 pressure flip instead of a shove-it; the best way to insure no flip in the big spin is to smack the tail dead-center.

4. You will now be backside 180ing as the board is 360 shove-iting under you (have I stated that enough yet?). Here's where your front foot plays a vital role: the foot should hover right above the spinning board to insure that it doesn't flip and that you stop it the second it's made a full rotation.

5. After your board has gone 360 and you 180, it's time to land. Your feet should be in the common post-backside position - each foot resting over a truck - and your weight should be centered


1. In order to learn this trick, you must feel confident with your ollies, because the nollie requires exactly the same concepts.

2. To begin, place your front foot comfortably on the nose and your back foot across the middle of the board.

3. Push down on the nose to get the pop: the harder you push, the higher you go. Now your back foot helps the board come off the ground by sliding up the board. What helped me was learning switch ollies while I was learning nollies.

4. When you feel like you've reached maximum flight, your board should have leveled out flat.

5. Now wait until you hit the ground, and like everybody says, roll away smoothly.

Note: If you're trying this trick over an object, you must start to nollie a little bit sooner so the nose can clear it.

Nollie Flip

1. To set up for a nollie flip, stand on your board the same way you would for a nollie, except slide your back foot so that your heel hangs off slightly.

2. Pop a nollie, and simultaneously kick your back foot down and out. This will make your board flip.

3. Watch your board flip, and catch it with your front foot.

4. Land with your feet over your trucks, and roll away smooth.

Note: Before you do nollie flips, you need to learn nollies. To nollie, push down on the nose of your board with your front foot, and slide your back foot in an upward motion. It's like doing a backward ollie.

Once you've got nollie flips mastered, try them down stairs, but make sure you pop your nose early